Sonntag, 1. Juli 2007

Interviewing David Thomas Broughton (Fake)

C: Hello
D: Hello
C: ahm... yes. Hi i’m C from SacrificeTheLiver, I think I told you, wanna do an interview… maybe
D: well yes
C: so… do you like music
D: yes I like music. So much I’m doing it myself.
C: oh really
D: yes
C: let's listen….
D: sure
C: where are you from
D: Leeds

Dave is taking a cigarette out of his pocket. Lucky Strike

C: so Leeds
D: well yes. Leeds
C: how is it
D: well ok
C: ok
D: you smoke
C: ah yes. Thanks
D: so you doing this club
C: a yes.
D: is it good
C: kind of. Sometimes weird. You like to go out
D: yes I do
C: me too

Both smoking cigarettes und staring to the wall

C: so you doing sad music. I like sad music
D: really
C: yes. So enlightening
D: yeah that’s right. I wish I could get people cry. But only a few can do that
C: you know someone who can?
D: yes Carla did once. Bozulich. With her Dylan-cover.
C: ah. I know. But I think with your music, someone who cries already will even cry more
D: that would be beautiful
C: yes
D: yes
D: another cigarette
C: yes
C: so you still living in leeds
D: yes
C: that’s good
D: yes

Both still staring at the wall

C: I have chocolate. Want some
D: yes
C: so how you doing your music.
D: don’t know. Force my girlfriends to leave me, than I can do real good music. Or force my boyfriends to torture me, than I can do good music too
C: aha
D: or sometimes I only think of people I hate
C: aha
D: just kidding
C: haha
D: no, well… I always loved the spirit of melancholic music. The only way I can tell sad things. People are embarrassed when you tell such things the normal way
C: some would. Ok
D: but my lyrics are not always sad…
C: I see
D: I did music since school. But it wasn’t that good in the past. I like to be alone with my music, so I bought an old cheap drum computer. It works and I don’t need a partner doing the drums. I really need to be alone when I’m composing my songs…
C: I see
D: so writing the lyrics is easy. They just drop out of my head
C: just like that
D: yes. It don’t think about it much. Sometimes I take a walk or doing something completely different and then, there they are, they just flow out of my head
C: ah, ok

Both sitting there. Staring. Nowbody talks for some minutes

D: so. You want to know more about my music
C: well. I don’t know…. Don’t know what to ask
D: ahm ok. Others usually ask about my influences, the music I like ore what inspires me
C: mh. No I’m not interested in that. I hate to talk about influences
D: ahm, ok…. Why?
C: ahm I don’t know.
D: ok
C: so…. I think we are done
D: well then … yeah … ok
C: thanks for the interview
D: ahm. Yes thanks too… I think…

David Thomas Broughton “It's in there somewhere...'. Erschienen auf Birdwar Records


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